Monday, April 5, 2010

Kittens and results

Contest Results:
Sweet Pea kitten mush: 3
Ester kitten trio: 3
Leonard and Cohen:2
Trixie: 2
All other entries received one vote!

All our various kittens are approaching the age of adoptability. Please send adoption inquiries to


Amanda said...

Yep, kitten and puppy season is here once again. Here's to hoping that more people will get their animals spade or neutered before next year.
They are cute, though!

K said...

Oh no, voting closed already? I would have totally voted for Ming. If only my heart and home didn't already belong to two other black and white kitties...

lakshmi said...

The soundtrack to that video is fantastic. As for Ester, wow, she looks sooooo annoyed.

Mireille said...

Yeah, Ester is in total mommy-mode (much like Sweet Pea in the picture above). Anyway, does the ex aequo result mean I have to share the challah? Or the chocolate-covered matzoh? Or the challah... oh darn, can't decide!

margaret said...

I love the top photo with the little white paw sticking up!