Friday, April 2, 2010

Cute Contest

While I vacation away from email I bring you Teh Qute Contest. All photographs are of current or past kittehs (OK one dog) rescued by Hyde Park Cats. Please vote (in the comments) for your choice of cutest. The winning photographer (all of them are Hyde Park Cats volunteers) will receive fame and accolates (and their choice of my homemade challah or my homemade chocolate-covered matzoh). In order not to rig the contest I have left out all my own photos of little girls with kittens. That just wouldn't be fair ...

Orphaned Lintballs
Photographer: Megg

Leonard and Cohen
Photographer: Yvonne

Two (three?) SweetPea kittens mushed together
Photographer: Mireille

Solomon posing
Photographer: Mary Jean

Gymnastic Shorty
Photographer: Becca

Ester with kittens Yogurt and Pretzel
Photographer: Danna

Studious Ming
Photographer: Lakshmi

Bea and Baby Delilah (rescue dogs)
Photographer: Eevie

Photographer: Mary (Trixie's adoptive mom)


Yvonne said...

Ok, I vote for Esther and her kitties. Extreme, ridiculous cuteness. A point of clarification: the doggie photo is of resident pitbull Bea with her latest foster sister, Delilah. Though they are not cats, I must add that Bea has spent many hours grooming and snuggling our many foster kittens as well. Honorary cat.

Margaret B from Maine said...

Oh...I HATE to only pick one! Buuuuut.... For cuteness I would have to go with the mushed up sweet pea kittens. It was a tough choice. Every single photo was adorable in its own way.

Ok voting aside....

But I have to comment that I LOVE the striking photo of Trixie behind the curtain. And I have similar picture of my cats Armand and Morgainne in a pose almost like Leonard and Cohen...that picture is a treasure! Ester looks like such a good little mom... And I can't help but to laugh at Shorty. He seems like a "class clown" type like my Lucius Cornelius. And who DOESN'T love the orphaned lint balls.... boy will they be a handful when they get a little bigger! :) I wonder if Ming doesn't have a little siamese in him? Hmmmm? Solomon has a very cute little tabby pirate patch over his one eye! Congrats all around to all the photographers.

Diane H said...

I'm partial to the perspective of the Studious Ming and the artful Trixie but

I vote for the Orphaned Lintballs. Enlarge the photo and rub your hand over your screen and you can feel the soft fur of them ALL! A pillow of soft kittens.

Laura said...

Leonard and Cohen would be my #1 choice, because they look so sweet in the pic. I think #2 would have to be studious Ming, because he looks so intent, with his little paws on the table. Adorable.

Ruth said...

I vote for Solomon looking so winsome. But I also vote for all these candidates to be on next year's calendar.

margaret said...

They are all super-adorable, and I'm having an especially difficult time choosing between my two favorite photos: Studious Ming (so cute and so Zen!) and Ester/Yogurt/Pretzel. Hmmm...


lakshmi said...

Sweet Pea babies!

Mireille said...

Lakshmi is being partial ever since she met Sweet Pea's kittens. I have to say that Ming looks hilarious on this pictures -- very deceptively serious! But I think my vote goes to Trixie. It is such a beautiful shot and she looks so relaxed, loving, and the bond with her paparazzi is obvious! Love it! And I second Ruth's suggestion.

Ainat said...

My vote is for Ming! I love how he has his elbows on the table.

Danna said...

Ester and kittens because I want some Challah! I was going to say Ming but then I remembered I'm supposed to choose the cutest picture and not the most hilarious picture.

Anonymous said...

Trixie - what a cute picture!!!

Sarah said...

Leonard and Cohen...I can't help it, since my family's philosophy has always been to have kittehz in pairs when possible...I love that bonding.