Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bridgeport Boys

Aimee, who runs our Petfinder page, got a call about four cats at an abandoned home in Bridgeport. Nobody would help the four cats there. Well, when everyone else says no, ask Aimee, because she's a sucker softie, and so Aimee and Ruth went to Bridgeport and rescued the four cats from becoming hardened street cases. These four cats are all friendlies, sweet and lovely, but were dumped outside their house when the people who owned them moved. The landlord threated to poison and/or shoot them because they messed up his patio funiture cushions. They were just waiting and waiting for their people to come back. Of course they never did.

Pictured here are Theo (gray and white) and his friend Owl (orange and white). This is them on their way from their "spa" day at Treehouse to their loving fosterhome with Thandiwe and Jonathan.

These two boys are darlings. And wait until you see the girls they were with--va va voom torties! Stay tuned for more pix and updates. All the Bridgeport Four are available for adoption and can be adopted in pairs or singly. If you want all four, you can have all four, too!

Thanks to Patricia and Elaine for calling about these cats and for the donation to defray their vet care. Thanks to Aimee and Ruth for schlepping them!


Zoe said...

Way to go, Aimee and Ruth. Great work!

Maine Kitties said...

Animals are more faithful than people. We could sure take some lessons from them...

Great Job as usual, Hyde Park Cats!