Friday, July 30, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I received an email from Sarah of Frankie the Library Cat. She had sighted a possibly pregnant cat in an alley between Hyde Park and Cornell at 54th. Sarah reported that this young tuxedo with green eyes "came up to me in the alley and was very very sweet and sociable and very dirty with an abscess under her chin. I did not have a means of picking her up and carrying her home with me, though she began to follow me before getting spooked. I went back to try to find her, but she was hiding." The call went out to our list and within hours Mireille had sighted this cat as well. She had no carrier with her but kept kitty occupied until Ruth could swing by with the carrier. In kitty went, and then to fostermom Ainat's house, where she has been named Safam (Hebrew for whiskers, or moustache).


Ainat said...

Actually her name is Safama - a more feminine version of Safam

Martha said...

Safama: What a pretty girl you are!