Saturday, July 10, 2010

A Day in the Life of Hyde Park Cats

10:30am: Kitten rescue (more tomorrow).

11:30am: Kitten rescue success! Volunteers at the local vet.

1pm: Adoption Event (Kittenpalooza)!

3pm Fosterkitten Achilles getting physical therapy at home.

5:45pm: Pick up of multiple spayed cats at Treehouse Clinic.

8pm: Feeding in the alley.

This snapshot of a day shows the work of a lot of different people, from fostermoms and dads who all got their cats and kittens where they needed to be today, to the people who worked the adoption event (and to Anna, who coordinates our events), to our stalwart feeders in the alleys, to the people who drove the cats and picked them up from the clinic, to those who got up and answered an email plea of "kitten needs help right now!" ... plus plenty of behind-the-scenes administrative action!

Together we can do so much! Thanks to all the Hyde Park Cats volunteers who give their time, energy, money, and most importantly love to helping the cats.


Ruth said...

And thanks to Terren for her many wonderful posts, including this one - it's really fabulous.

lilolady said...

Look at those humans doing this work - they look so joyous. I agree with Ruth, this is one fabulous post!

Martha said...

I showed this post to my husband as it so underscored the power of a small group of loving people doing what is right. Kudos to all at HPC.

Mireille said...

Truly a nice post indeed. That's what you call team work! Yet the arms are nothing without the head, so thanks to the busy ones who are the brain behind this operation :)