Friday, July 9, 2010


KITTENS! FRESH WARM TASTY KITTENS! GET 'EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT! I mean, please come to KITTENPALOOZA this Saturday on July 10th from 12-3 at our local independent pet store, Parkers Pets. Please support Parkers; they've been great supporters of us. And adopt some of our fabulous funny furry miniature felines!

Roo (next to the vacuum tube): A wrestler and a cuddler, Roo is a very bright kitten and the perfect in-between cat. He knows when it's time to demand attention and when it's time to do his own thing.

Mouse (dark tabby next to vacuum body): Mouse is all about play time. He will run up and say hello to you in the morning, when you get home, and whenever it's time to eat. He'd love to sleep by your pillow at night.

Tigger (tabby asleep on bed): Tigger is a sweet tabby girl who is all about cuddles. She will curl up in your lap and snooze all day if she could. She loves human interaction and is the world's biggest sweetie.

Tux (tuxedo kitty): Tux will find a quiet place to curl up for the day and then come sleep with you at night. She wouldn't do well in a rambunctious household.

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Ruth said...

How great to see Sophie's babies all grown up! And how do cats know to sit on computers??? (As I write this, one of my own cats, a HPC graduate, is making it very hard for me to type ...)