Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bridgeport kittens and mama

Daniel, a former resident of Hyde Park, now in Bridgeport, emailed HPC for help with a rescue operation. He had been feeding a cat in a nearby used car lot / repair shop. When she gave birth to a litter of kittens, Daniel decided to bring them inside. He emailed HPC for help. One Saturday morning in early July, Ruth and Mireille went to Bridgeport, armed with trap, food, gloves and (most importantly) freshly baked challah bread from Terren. Daniel and his friend Bess had trapped the mother that morning, so it was just a matter of getting the kittens. But after an hour of carefully combing the car yard -- looking under the seats and engines of banged-up vehicles - the HPC contingent decided that the best plan was to set the trap and leave Daniel to watch. The kittens needed peace and quiet before they would show their 4 week old faces. Readers, the scheme worked! By the end of the weekend, all six were with their mother and safely ensconced in Daniel's pantry. He is now socializing them and looking for forever homes once they have been spayed/neutered at PAWS. Daniel plans to keep the mother, who with any luck will become friends with resident feline Kat Mandoo. Congratulations to Daniel and Bess for all their hard work and patience in trapping this family.

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Anonymous said...

Daniel, thanks! Cats in Car Repair - Magnificent! Can't WAIT for the cascade of comments. But its sooooo HOT. Time for ... drum roll...itty bity polked dot bikini ... er, spotted kitties for crying out loud! MAJOR CUTE

Thats so cool! So, look at this again! archives "In the garden" Friday, December 26, 2008

Cool yet?

HPC has such the collection of wonderfully intricate stories and a cast of characters unmatched.

Just a great read!