Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Dog Day.

The neighbor of one of our most active volunteers passed away very unexpectedly this week. She left her best friend and companion of twelve years, Wags. Wags is a collie mix of and weighs in at around 40 pounds. She is incredibly sweet and very low-key, just happy to sit next to someone, be brushed, have her tummy rubbed, take walks or just sit outside in the sun. She appears to be in good health but is a little chubby and is now on weight-control food. She's been incredibly well cared for (except for getting spoiled by her mom in the past with food) and is a very quiet dog. She gets along fine with cats. Wags would be a perfect dog for anyone who would like a low-maintenance sweet, quiet, happy dog (with a perpetually wagging tail, thus the name her mom gave her).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Wags, just to let you know a reader is thinking about you, and hoping you are not too sad. Hoping also someone will come and give you a new forever home.