Friday, July 23, 2010

kids and kittens

Kids like kittens. Get your kids some kittens. We have multiple kittens available for immediate adoption!

Pictured here are our special cat-mauling cat-socializing volunteers, Lilah and Sølje, loving up Istria and Achilles.


Sarah said...

Solje looks particularly intent on her mauling/loving. So nice to see your beautiful nenas (and the kittens aren't so bad either)!

Martha said...

How is Achilles' physical therapy coming along?

Ruth Abbey said...

Hi Martha
I just asked Mireille about this today. She said that he is resisting it - he never liked it very much and now sees her coming ... But he has two siblings living with him - Istria and Martha - who are making him move around whether he wants to or not. Mireille and I hope that this is better PT for him! We were so excited that he tested negative for Felv and Fiv when he went to Treehouse (in fact HPC has had a great run in that regard lately - yeah!) and we still have high hopes for this little hero's future!