Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Tashma, a six- or seven-month-old 5.5 lb little lady, is named after Lola Montes, as she (Tashma the cat) feels very strongly that she is a flamenco dancer. Fostermom Katherine says Tashma loves love and has promised a detailed description of "the thing she does wherein she puts her face on your face and rubs it around for a long time." Tashma feels strongly that she should never be more than one foot away from a human.

Tashma was saved from dishonor at the paws of some disreputable tomcats at a new colony. More on them tomorrow.


Ruth said...

A flamenco dancer's vocation must be pretty exhausting - good to see Lady T resting between performances. Thanks to Alexis for removing her from the hot pursuit of those admirers and to Katherine for affording her the safe environment needed to perfect her art. (And for all the brushing of her costume.)

Katherine said...

Tashma feels a lot of things very strongly and in fact will have no ambivalence in her atmosphere.

Thanks also to fairy godmother Ruth for setting us up nice and comfy.

Video of Tas playing/catnipping to come! I'm working out some technical kinks now.

Katherine said...

Tash, that is -- and all typos are her doing.