Friday, July 16, 2010

Amos and Alfredo

Cue "The Odd Couple" music and meet Amos and Alfredo. Amos is a three-month-old kitten from Tanya's Tribe, and Alfredo is an adult male from the Parkview Katz colony. Fredo, a bully to most cats, is completely taken with his new little brother. They would make a great pets for a family with children: Amos is as cute and rambunctious as any kitten, and Fredo is great with kids too. Fredo is deaf and FIV+ ... and a little on the chunky side. Do a mitzvah (good deed) by adopting a hard-to-place cat and reward yourself simultaneously with a scrumptious little kitten! It's a win-win.

Thanks to James M. for the donation!

1 comment:

Martha said...

This is beyond adorable! I hope they find a home together soon.