Thursday, July 15, 2010


Sophie is a beautiful and affectionate young female cat looking for a forever home. She is spayed, neg/neg, and up-to-date on routine shots. She has a face like a beauty queen and a long expressive tail. She wants your love. Sophie is only about eight months old -- still a kitten. Sophie came to us from ACC, where she was caged with her six tiny kittens. Sophie got pregnant too young and without a steady food source, and as a result she is still very skinny. She needs lots of delicious noms.

Fostermom (also named Sophie) writes "Sophie is a very people-centric cat. Whenever she hears the doorbell ring, she runs to the front door so she can be the first one to greet the newcomer. When I am at home, she follows me around the house, then sits next to me while I work. At night, she's curled up at the foot of the bed purring. Her favorite spots are high-traffic areas (like my kitchen/laundry room), so she can be sure to see lots of people and attract plenty of attention."

More pix of Sophie (and her six!!!! kittens


Sophie W. said...

Sophie LOVES YOU. Please give her another shot at having the comfortable, cuddly life she deserves. She had kittens far too young and needs a loving home where she can unwind from caring for her rambunctious family.

Ainat said...

I love that bottom pic. Such a dramatic and tragic look on her face. Sophie Cat, Star of Stage and Screen.

Ruth said...

And how about the tail draped elegantly but casually over the back legs in the top picture. And those wide spaced eyes - she's a darling.