Thursday, July 29, 2010

Achilles and Istria

As a mom, all I can say about this picture is I don't want to know.


lilolady said...

Could be BRUTAL, more likely loving

Curious minds WANT to know!

Martha said...

These two are fantastic together! Perhaps as dear as Amos and Alfredo. I'm hoping that Achilles and Astria find a forever home together and Amos 'n Fredo do, too. Any further discussion of surgery for Achilles?

Mireille said...

His legs are still pretty much the same, but it doesn't prevent him from running after Istria or hoisting himself onto the sofa, as you can see.
For this picture, keep in mind that Istria may be a little masochistic: she's always the one to go pestering Achilles (or Martha, i.e. the bigger guys) to play with her. And she inevitably gets her toosh kicked. I guess you can say she's the cutest attention-seeker you can come across!

Chelsea said...

haha that picture is hilarious! istria looks slightly terrified, but i'm sure they were just playing.