Wednesday, July 28, 2010

homeward bounding

An update on adoptions ... in the past week Minette has gone home with Forevermom Elizabeth. Rainbow and Poe went home with their Forever Family, which includes two children. Dharma's kittens will all go to forever homes after their spay/neuter surgery on Thursday. And Kobi went home too ... to a couple who already have a black male FIV+ kitty. Good luck Kobi! Good luck Rainbow! Good luck Poe! Good luck Hurley! Good luck Eko and Sawyer! Good luck Minette! We love you all and wish you wonderful lives.

Pictured here is Tucker, formerly Lemon (Lennon), one of the ACC orphans, in his new home with Forevermom Martha and his new brother. We love it when adoptive families send us their happy ending updates!


Anonymous said...

Am currently evaluating whether or not this pix is cute.

Mireille said...

That's what you call one happy week! Glad to hear all these cuties found a forever home. I have no doubt they will make their humans very happy!

lilolady said...

Rainbow and Poe went together?!
And to a family with two kids!!

Lilah and Solje, you took such very good care of these kitties, and still found ample love for your own kitties. Mormor is very proud of you! And Mama as well - it was a very big busy household specially with the third kitty. Wow! OK, and Daddy too, of course.
Happy lives to Rainbow and Poe, good luck seems to follow you.

Olivia said...

OMG!!! Hooooray for Kobi!!!! I am so thrilled!!!!!

And with another FIV+ black cat?! How lucky is that!

That is so wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, deliberation complete: this is a SERIOUSLY cute pix!