Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kobi continues his awesomeness

Kobi is an adult (5-6 yrs) male cat (neutered, natch) who is being fostered with a Hyde Park Cats family (2 kids). He is awesome. I myself have a personal relationship with Kobi and enjoy the pleasure of his lap-sitting abilities; his clever way of pointing out he would like some more cat food, now, thank you; his playfulness with toys; his soft soft fur. Kobi is seeking a forever home. Since he came from a colony we suspect he will be fine with other cat companions. Please consider adopting this handsome man.

Thanks to William L. for the cat food/bed donation!


margaret said...

He does look like a love-bug!

Statistics Tutor said...

What kind of people like cats as their pets? Any observation of that sort?