Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Willie and Lily

Lily and Willie are a bonded female-male pair who are seeking a forever home. They have been in limbo for quite a while. I feel sure that somewhere around here there is somebody who would love to have these black-n-white cats decorating their home--they are fixed, vaxed, etc., and they are DECLAWED. I feel these would be the perfect pets for life in a fancy high-rise. They must be adopted together.

Lily is the adventurous type. She always wants to know what is behind doors, on top of tables, behind curtains, etc. She is constantly sticking her nose into everything, quite literally. She is assertive and insists on first dibs when food comes out, intimidating poor Willie Bun. She's not afraid to meow when she wants something, and when she learns what she can get away with she tries to push those boundaries.

Willie is more self-contained. He loves squeezing into tight, dark spots despite his large size. His favorite place to sleep is the bed---on the mattress but under the blanket. He is a softy and loves getting his belly rubbed.

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Danna said...

These cats are so sweet. And Willie loves to sleep near people.

lilolady said...

Yep, three of my kitties are black and white. I can attest to their unique decorative specialty. Specially in my black-n-white kitchen, with their black-paw-print-on-white ceramic feeding station. That is not to suggest that my other kittehs are not likewise noteworthy in their own respects. Good luck to Willy and Lily!