Monday, March 1, 2010

Update: Apollo

Do you remember Apollo, the pittie mix we learned had been abandoned at our local veterinary office? Apollo has a home!

Apollo was rescued from his cage at the vet's by Lynda S., who says "I want to let you know that my rescued sweet pittie mix Apollo was delivered him to his new home in Indiana last week. You may recall, his dad came back from the war and died and after being shuffled around by family members, he was dropped off at a vets office and abandoned--well can you believe his new dad is a soldier who was injured in Iraq. Apollo gets a new sister Daisy who is a 9 year old black lab mix, two brothers who are 5 and 9 and a sister who is 11 and lots more family kids to hang out with. Lots of countryside and a giant field out back to play in. More importantly, a dad who has lots of time to spend with Apollo, getting him trained, into a routine and showering him with love. It was very sad for Kat and I to say goodbye but I can't think of a more perfect home for our sweet boy. I got a text on our way home-- Apollo and his new dad took a nap after we left and he was woken up by Apollo's slobbery kisses :))

Thank you to all of you who expressed an interest in fostering or adopting Apollo and everyone who was interested in his well-being and had a part in his life along the way."

You know what I think? That Apollo had Original Dad looking out for him. There couldn't be a happier ending. Good luck APOLLO!

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Ruth said...

Sounds like a safe and smooth landing for Apollo. Thanks for posting this follow up Terren - it's always great to hear these happy endings / beginnings.