Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sweet Pea and kittens -- trapped!

Yesterday at lunchtime I received an email "invitation" to a surprise trapping event on campus -- a beautiful black and white mama cat and four teenies (two weeks old) in one of the campus construction sites. Construction workers had found the four kittens in a construction ditch!!!!! Within mere minutes Hyde Park Cats had mobilized several members to the site, along with a trap, a towel, and some temptingly stinky wet cat food. Kittens were removed and placed into the trap, and from there it was only a matter of time until Mama -- now named Sweet Pea -- was also in the trap. The family is now safe inside, but we are seeking a foster placement and, of course, future adopters. We will also need moolah for everyone's vet care. Thanks to Nadia for emailing us right away and to everybody who helped out this family! And just in time: today it's snowing.

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Ruth said...

Sweet Pea and her babies are snuggled up together in a cat bed after the babies' first night ever inside (albeit a garage) and Sweet P's first night inside for at least a year according to Nadia. She has eaten well and is calm and quiet - she must sense the blowing snow outside and be glad that she and her kittens are out of it.

Ruth said...

Sweet P and the 4 kittens have been in their new foster home since Sunday afternoon. All are now in the loving care of Mireille.

Anonymous said...

I hope those Construction People know they are featured in a slideshow on a blog for Hyde Park Cats - so their kids, and wives and friends can come to HPC to SEEE and OHHHH and AHHHH!