Monday, March 22, 2010


Beautiful tortie Louise was trapped last month by Heather S. in Pullman. She says Louise was in a colony that a neighbor had been feeding for a while in her backyard. "One day," says Heather, "a couple months ago, Louise just appeared as a TINY little kitten all by herself looking for food. My neighbor saw her hiding in her indoor/outdoor room trying to get warm but could not catch her. Finally a couple of weeks ago a slightly bigger Louise finally went into the trap filled with stinky sardines and set it off and we had her. She just seemed to appear out of nowhere originally all by herself when she was teeny weeny."

Luckily, we now have Louise safe and sound in one of our trusty foster homes, where fostermom Claire is loving her up. Claire says "We are slowly getting to know each other. After a while of petting, she purrs and relaxes. She looks interested in playing, though she is still very shy. Fortunately she is a gourmand of baby food; when she eats this, she forgets her fear and dares to come out." Louise loves playing with ribbons.

Louise is about five months old, negative for FIV and FeLV, and fixed. She is available for adoption.

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Ruth said...

Louise and Louise seem very happy together!