Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eliyahu Hanavi!

So you know how during the seder we open the door and invite in the prophet Elijah, the symbol of the humble wayfarer? Well here he is! He is furry, female, and likes toy mousies!

Blasphemy aside, last night Ellie here was found in the MJK alley by Marienne. Ellie jumped into Marienne's car and asked very kindly for some help. She is currently resting in Vicky's spare bathroom. Ellie is extremely friendly and cuddly; she is very bony and has conjunctivitis (pink eye). We will have her checked out, spayed, etc.,; she will be available for adoption shortly.

We invite Eliyahu ha-Navi (the prophet Elijah) into the Passover Seder in the hope that Elijah's presence in our hearts will inspire us to build a better world. Thanks to those volunteers last night who were doing cat-related mitzvot (good deeds) and making the world a more just and free place for all creatures.

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