Friday, March 12, 2010

Patches and Sachari

Patches (darker) and Sachari (lighter) are some very lucky feral cats. This bonded pair (sisters?) are the last two microchipped cats from Adrienne's Maryland Avenue colony -- she of Solomon, Elijah, Ashton, and Ori. Patches and Sachari were turned into the Animal Welfare League, by whom we do not know. As previously reported, the colony is no longer tenable; we needed a place for these lovely lasses pronto. And wow ... they are now on a farm in Indiana, where they have been reunited with another cat from their colony, Aslan. Their new caretaker is a loving cat (and dog) mama; she and her husband have a barn and an outdoor cat habitat built around an old willow tree that she couldn't bear to cut down when it died. Now the cats are loving it. Our most sincere thanks to Adrienne for caring for these cats until now and for Shirley for caring for them from now on, and to Mary Jean for schlepping them around. It's really a labor of love to care for feral cats, who after all don't give you so much in return. Ladies, you are truly doing a mitzvah. Thank you.

Thanks to Judith D., my cat-loving former neighbor extraordinaire, for the donation!

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Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful story! So many people helped to make it happen. A treat to read for sure!