Monday, March 15, 2010


This is Apple. This sweet young (about six months) female cat is from the Champagne-Furbana colony. Her colonymates Judah, Rosie, and Sparkle have all gone on to become indoor pets, Judah (now Baxter) right here in Hyde Park, but Apple remains in her finder's sunroom. We are seeking her forever home. Apple is very sweet and gentle, with a charming, friendly personality; she loves being held, and likes nothing better than curling up on your lap. She is very calm, especially for a kitten, and extremely affectionate. She handles time on her own quite well, but is happiest with company and attention. She is extremely cute, with pretty soft golden coloring and an intelligent, expressive face. Apple has tested positive for FeLV. She must be in a home without other cats or with another FeLV+ kitty ... see the posting on Shorty just below!!! Please email us at to discuss adoption specifics, including our special pricing for these loving and lovable cats.

Thanks Heather S. for the donation!


KIMBOREE said...

I have two female cats....they are mother and daughter...i think the daughter is pregnant and she spens all of her time in the box with the mother cat and her one month old this normal??/

bundeleh said...

Please direct questions to our email at

Kimboree, you should take these cats to the vet, and you should have them both spayed before there are any other pregnancies.