Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Washington Park: Dogs need your help

Dear readers, Dog Day!

Washington Park is the large park, maintained by the Chicago Park District, West of Midway Plaisance and Cottage Grove Ave to King Drive, 5100-6000 South. It's a large slice of park with an island in the middle. And dogs. DOGS. Living by themselves in the middle of the park. Dumped dogs, abandoned dogs, lonely dogs fending for themselves. And now we bring you a project to help these dogs.

Eevie, our special guardian angel of dogs volunteer, is working with another resident dog-lover named Joe on this project. These pictures capture Red (the red shepherd) and Fawn (yeah, the fawn-colored one) playing with Joe's two pet dogs. Eevie says "Joe's little reddish female was born on the island a couple years ago. He found homes for all the others in the litter except for Fawn, who wouldn't be caught. She was alone outside for a year until Red showed up. I have seen the two of them around the park for nearly two years. They sun themselves on the traffic island near 55th street where it divided the two sides of the park. Someone (besides me) feeds them regularly, as there is a huge trash can on the island full of empty dog food bags. Both dogs are reasonably well fed, but Fawn appears to have been hurt recently. Maya and Joe noticed that she has a lump on her side and has been acting a little bit down.

The dogs are a bonded pair. Red has a more outgoing and bold personality, while Fawn hangs back. They are very dog-social. Both ate from my hand yesterday afternoon, and Red quietly followed me off the island for about 50 yards as if she was testing out what it felt like to walk beside a human. Both of them trust Joe and his dogs quite a bit. In a perfect world these two could stay together forever, or at least until Fawn learns that humans are awesome."

Joe and Eevie are working on getting these two inside, where they will be fostered with Joe, at least short-term. This is happening as we speak! Think positive thoughts.

Readers, we are seeking donations (to cover vet bills, primarily, but also to defray dog-food costs) to help our neighbors with this important and wonderful rescue. You may donate via our paypal button (please specify "dogs") or send direct inquiries to hydeparkcats@gmail.com; I will forward your email on to Eevie.

Photo credits to Maya Moody Photography.


lilolady said...

OH those are beautiful beings looking out for each other. Smart too, evading all the trafic rushing by. Thank you Eevie and Joe.
Maya Moody Photography - love your site! I hope the locals seek you out.

Maya said...

I saw Joe this morning, and he is currently fostering both dogs. They are doing well! I could even pet "Beige," she was never receptive to that before. I was very impressed with the progress she has made in the time she has been with Joe. Both dogs are beautiful and deserve loving homes.

So, a big thanks to Joe for taking them into his home temporarily, and helping in their transition from stray to pet.

Thanks, Evie for all of your help spreading the word about these beautiful dogs!

And thank you, lilolady, for the compliment on my website;-)