Monday, March 8, 2010

A purry thanks

Thanks so very much to our readers who chipped in over the last month. We had a goal of raising $1000 towards TNRing cats in our South Side neighborhoods and we almost made it -- we were just over 90%. Fantastic! To Martha B., Daniel B., and Hannah B. -- a sheynem dank for the mitzvah. A purrrrrry thanks to Margaret B., Anna F., and Katherine A., for this and your support over time. To Marilee W. ("Mom") and Chelsea L., a familial thanx! To HPC members Ainat M., Mireille D., Norah O., Ginny L., Diane H., and Heather S., who gave their money as well as their time -- thank you beautiful ladies! To my friend Julian H., aka "Man," purrs to you. To catlady Robin, a noncarnivorous thanks. And to Pamela C., Curtis S., Judie M., and Desislava P., thank you for joining us in our efforts.

We have two specific colonies we are going to be TNRing in the coming month. Stay tuned to see our efforts at new colonies "Minerva" and "Luella." Go sterile!

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