Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ollie formerly Elsa

Ollie, previously Elsawas trapped in the alley behind St. Thomas church. Look at him now!. He is the cutest and most adorable! Fostermom Vicky says Ollie greets you by scampering over your feet. He loves to play with toys and hides them behind the couch, and is always "amazed" when you pull them out again. Ollie is very playful but also nicely mannered. He has a wee little meow and doesn't put up a fuss when you leave the room. He is extremely snuggly, likes belly rubs, and rubs his face against yours.

SATURDAY: 12-3, Adoption Event at Parkers Pets. If you are considering bringing a furry companion into your life, please consider adopting from us. We'll have some of our furry adoptables available for viewing.


Anonymous said...

Ollie is just as handsome as Elsa was beautiful!

Sarah said...

What a huge difference a few days and lots of loving foster care make! Thanks, Vicky!