Thursday, November 11, 2010


Siegel is from our satellite site in the Pullman neighborhood, managed by Heather S. She writes about Siegel: "He is estimated to be about a year old (based on his immaculately clean teeth!) and had been living in a yard for several months. He was covered in fleas and burrs matted into his beautiful fur but he is all cleaned up and fuzzy now. Siegel is the perpetually kneading and purring kitty. As soon as a person comes into his room he starts purring and rolling and kneading. He will even roll on his back and knead the air. He is so cute and loves attention and laps and smashing his head into people. He makes little peeping and humming noises rather than meowing. He is very calm and just loves it when someone sits with him so he can curl up on their lap (and knead, of course). He is one of the cuddliest softest kitties I've ever met! I think he is so happy to be inside now he just likes to get in his squishy cat bed and makes no attempt at all to leave the bathroom where is is staying until he gets his forever home. He likes NPR (favorite commentator: Robert Siegel) and LOVES to be brushed and combed now that his fur is all cleaned up. He is an awesome kitty, seriously. Insanely cute. Also, please note his enormous lion feet. They are monstrous. So cute."

Siegel is available for immediate adoption.

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Anonymous said...

He's so fluffy! And he looks like he's purring in both of those photos. Such a beautiful cat.