Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cassie and Kio

Brother (gray boy Kio) and sister (black gal Cassie) just relaxing at fosterhome, looking all cool and suave. Kio and Cassie both enjoy playing with each other in a pretty low-key way but the evenings see the "kitten krazies" come out. Fostermom Katerina says both kitties love shiny things that jingle (and anything small that moves). She bought the kitties collars and tags and "for the first day and a half, neither cat could run any distance because the second they heard the collar jingle they would stop to bat at it. THis made for a very comical couple of hours." Neither kitty loves noise or large groups, but they will warm up to individual people after one or two encounters. Their comfort level with groups may increase over time but for now they both sleep in bed with a person, enjoy belly rubs, and are very affectionate in one-on-one encounters.

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Anonymous said...

What lovely bookends! Hope they stay bookends forever!