Saturday, November 13, 2010

Louie Le Roi


Louis Le Roi is just a big love. He is the king of kneading and actually does this thing where if you are kind of lying down and in bed with him, he will get on top of you and put his arms around your neck and hug you while purring. He is also very much a cuddler and not too terribly active. He adores fostergirl and all the attention she gives him. He loves to cuddle and sleep in the bed with you, and is just a darling, affectionate, almost dog-like cat. He loves kneading so much that if you are not sitting with him or holding him--for instance if he is on the floor and you are standing there with him--he will walk up to you and knead with his back paws on your foot. It looks like he is trying to rev a motorcycle!

Volunteer Catherine met Louis at our most recent volunteer day at AWL and fell in love and couldn't help herself, so we pulled him out! He is available for immediate adoption.


Amy said...

oooomg, that is TOO adorable!! i love him!! (and her!) :)

bundeleh said...

please somebody with kids, adopt him. stat. please!

feline said...

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