Friday, November 19, 2010


Jada is a very spirited girl! We picked up seven-month-old Jada from Animal Welfare League on one of our volunteer days. This gorgeous little lass is front-declawed, so she will need a home where she is not put outside. She loves to run and play with pretty much anything. She likes to cuddle, too, and is very affectionate. Fostermom says "if there is one word to describe her (aside from stunning for her lush silvery coat), it would definitely be playful."

The next AWL Volunteer Day is TOMORROW, Saturday November 20th. To find out more email Also tomorrow: our Adoption Event at Parkers Pets, 1342 E. 55th St., from 12-3. We will have some adorable adoptable kittehs to ooh and ah over, and our adoption coordinator will be there to answer your questions about our policies and cats.

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Olivia said...

This is Catherine, Jada's foster mom.

I just wanted to say that this kitty is one of the sweetest, most lovable of scamps!

She really balances a nice mix of kittenish playfulness with cute little cuddliness--she has taken to sleeping on me or next to me almost every night, but she doesn't try to wake me up during the night. She loves attention, but she also takes plenty of time to play on her own.

And a short note about her coat. It looks long, but it is really medium, so she is very low-maintenance on the grooming. (Unlike some longer-haired cats, she really doesn't require much in the way of brushing.)

She is just an all-round cutie! And she loves my four year old, too, so she is great with kids.