Saturday, February 13, 2010

Se llama Panchito

"Tango" was picked up as part of the 1000-cats-in-2010 project and brought to be neutered. Turns out he was already clipped and had a home -- in a tire shop! He got some vet care and a microchip, and the folks in the tire shop (around 75th a few blocks west of Jeffrey) were amused and pleased to see him back. They showed us his food bowl and his pile of tires where he likes to sleep (really!) and accepted our offer of a shelter but let us know that was no Tango ... "se llama Panchito!" (his name is Panchito. Good luck Panchito!


Ruth said...

Have a great life little Panchito. With somewhere to sleep, food and people who care about you enough to give you a name, you have a headstart on so many other cats.

Yvette said...

Ehh, some care is better than no care.