Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ming and Mimosa

Mimosa (1.5 yrs old) and her 6-month old kitten Ming (male) are the sweetest cats. Mimosa (or maybe I should say ... Momosa?) is very gentle, has the softest fur and is a purry little engine! Ming has lots of energy and likes to sit on the windowsill and gaze out the window dreamily. He is also very enamored with his reflection in the mirror and likes to hang out in the bathtub by himself. He can play for hours with his string toys and loves, loves, loves to run around and explore and keep on eye on everything going on around him. These two wonderful cats are available for immediate adoption. We would prefer them to be adopted together.


lilolady said...
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lilolady said...

Hmmm, neither Mimosa nor Ming look as to EVAIR having spent one second in a cold back alley! Not that they should!!
May they find loving new forever homes as soon as possible.

Ruth said...

Is Ming getting ready to blow us a kiss?