Thursday, February 4, 2010

Prima and Baby

More kittehs brought to you by the (Sandy) King Project: Sandy is a resident of Woodlawn who has vowed to TNR (or TNA) 1000 cats in 2010. We saw these two in recovery from surgery and couldn't put these precious kittens back out in the snowy Chicago winter. Prima and Baby are both about four months old, and they're going to fostermom Emily's home this evening. Baby (middle picture) is from the Hassan Colony (cared for by a gentleman named Hassan) around 75th and Jeffrey and Prima looks just like an older female in Clyde Colony, so I think that's where she came from. Wish us luck!

We are in great need of foster homes. Every day during this project cats are trapped and cats are released. Many of the cats released back outside are friendly cats. We simply do not have the space for them. We have a lovely tuxedo male who will be released back outside within two days if we can't find a foster home. We also released a very friendly tiger male we would like to retrieve ... he needs you!


Susan said...

Thanks HPC! Hello Prima and Baby -They look like they are going to be just fine inside enjoying the good life!

BTW the tuxie named Clooney is a girl and she is a food hound and would love to come in from the cold!


bundeleh said...

No way, Susan, I saw Clooney's furrballs! With my own two eyes!

ruth said...

What cuties. Baby looks to me like s/he is just waiting to be petted.

margaret said...

So, so cute! I hope many fosterers offer to open up their homes very soon.

Diane H said...

I WANT Prima! Rilly!