Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Ori's Triumphant Return to Hyde Park"

Received a wonderful email, subject line "Ori's triumphant return to Hyde Park": "We adopted Ori from PAWS. We live in Hyde Park, but didn't realize that Ori was a Hyde Parker until we got him home and started piecing things together from his medical record. He is quite at home in his old neighborhood and is proving to be an amazing cat. Judging by the way he has dismantled his cat toys and the way he leaps across the room, his leg is fully healed. We want to offer our immense thanks for all that helped Ori along his way. " Thanks to Ori's new parents Jonathan and Carol for writing in! What a great follow up ... good luck ORI!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to a fine little boy. Ori has a new home and that is wonderful.

E.A. Austin

Ruth said...

Ori certainly looks glad to be back in his old stamping ground!

Martha said...

He looks fabulous! Lucky kitty, lucky people.