Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Leif Eriksen

Meet Leif (previous name Hulk), who came to us from ACC (aka "the pound" -- we're giving him another chance at life by fostering him and seeking a home). He is neutered, vaccinated, FIV and FeLV negative, and available for immediate adoption!

Fosterdad Jon says "Leif is a joy to have. He loves attention and is vocal without being obnoxiously so. He has spent every night on our bed, getting up only when we do in the morning. He would be a great cat for a family--this is not one to be intimidated easily by kids or lots of commotion."


Ruth said...

Leif - you're a wonder cat. You're one of those ginger cats who takes everything in its stride. I'm so happy you're in such a good place right now - it's great to see you so relaxed and happy and getting the care you deserve. It was a privilege to meet a fabulous cat like you Leif.

Susan said...

Oh Hulk/Leif I did not recognize you! - you look so happy now. Leif was originally adopted in 2000 from ACC but his owner cannot be found and may have passed...Leif was found on the street with a whole colony of others...sorry about that Leif - life will be better now. Thanks HPC for giving another kitty a chance.