Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Titus is Alone and Wants a Home

Candace, Titus' champion, writes:

Okay, I admit it. Titus is not conventionally beautiful. He has a big tomcat head. He is stocky. He has a small voice and a loud purr. He trusts too fully to be a hipster sort of cat. He is not especially nervous. He answers to his name.

He is battle-scarred after two years of being a homeless house-cat. He also has, in my view, the finest spirit of any cat I have met. He loves company, but isn't pushy about it. He loves his bed and his dish. He looks like a toughie and isn't one. He is deeply loyal.

He's that kind of cat guy.

If anyone has a space for Titus, please let me know.

Filled With Hope for Titus,


***Titus will be going to the vet tomorrow for neutering and vaccines. If you are interested in meeting Titus, please leave a comment with your contact info, or email me at hydeparkcats AT gmail DOT com.***

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Anonymous said...

Do you know how old Titus is?