Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hattie/Pierrot seeks home

Hattie, also known as Pierrot, is a beautiful female kitten rescued with her Mamma and four brothers from the great outdoors late this summer. She is about four months old -- still a kitten. She is a very intelligent kitty, and has been slowly slowly getting more comfortable with people handling (food is really the key to her happiness!). Despite her shyness, she is extremely playful (feather toys!) and loves other cats and at least one (very large) dog.

She has had her shots, but needs to be spayed.

Her four brothers have all been adopted --- we are just waiting to see her go home with a great new owner. She'd be the perfect companion for another pet, if your cat or dog is lonely!!!!


Anonymous said...

she has the sweetest face of all the kitties every posted here!

margaret said...

Oh my God, she's adorable! Look at those eyes... And the little paws!