Monday, November 3, 2008

Lulav is available for adoption!

Sun Pacific (aka Lulav) is available for adoption at Tree House. This is the very matted (no longer!) kitty found on campus several weeks ago. As it turns out, this poor girl is a senior citizen and even front declawed. She's a little sad at finding herself in a shelter at her dignified stage of life. Can you provide her a forever home?

The original post about Lulav

p.s. We'd called her Sun Pacific because we had her sleeping in a box so marked (oranges). Then I changed it to Lulav. Then when she got to the shelter, MJK couldn't remember the new name ... so she came into Tree House as Sun Pacific.

p.p.s. Lebowski, another of our Hyde Park finds, is also still available for adoption. Now here is a wonderful guy! He's a real lover looking for a love object. Is it you?

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margaret said...

Good luck, Lulav! Poor baby, don't be scared. You'll find a forever home soon! Paws crossed...