Wednesday, December 3, 2008

seeking help for Mama + 2 kittens

We are seeking somebody to feed and watch out for Mama Cat + 2 kittens residing in or near the Community Garden at 61st and Dorcester. Earlier we tried in vain to catch Mama and her two tiny kittens. We've been feeding her so at least she and her kittens have a regular food source as it gets colder and colder, but her feeding-person is moving away next week.

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Do you live near this area, or work in the Backstory Cafe, Experimental Station, or Blackstone Bicycle Works? Do you know anybody who does? Please help us find somebody to be Mama Cat + 2 kittens' guardian angel!

We want somebody who can commit to feeding at least every other day, keeping alert for signs of the cats, helping us trap them if possible, and, finally, we really really really want to build the cats a little shelter.

Please email me at if you have any leads on help.

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Anonymous said...

So very sad. Can you bring us back to the inspiration for this blog - the story of the wonderful woman who posted on a UChicago bulletin board, for the very same reason. Need to move, and need for someone new to care for the ferals and strays she had so lovingly cared for over the years. Lets hope history repeats itself, and mama and kitties will continue to be blessed. I bet Chicago Tribune would love an update.