Friday, December 26, 2008

In the garden

It's a continuing group effort to feed "Mama Cat + 2 kittens in the community garden," who have been rechristened Mistletoe (mom), Holly, and Ivy. Feeders have heroically gone out in sleet, and snow, and dark of afternoon, and we've been rewarded with kitty prints in the snow. Then, yesterday -- a sighting! But not of the cats. I find this critter endearing and worthy of a little cat food ... although we're still trying to find Mistletoe and the kittens.


Anonymous said...

How is it to be so ugly as to be beautiful. Sweet possum! Rat tail. Possum, so vulnerable, fragile, quickly grab a kitty kibble, then hurriedly hobble off so slowly, as is your way, and we hope to see your sweet ratty face or unique snow prints tomorrow, or, at least, soon again.

Anonymous said...

An albino opossum?