Sunday, December 28, 2008

found: tabby

We found a healthy, affectionate, scared, female, gray/brown tabby around Christmas day on Kenwood Ave. between 53rd and 52nd. She has gold flecks and white paws.

Reply to or call 773-216-9859.

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Anonymous said...

We have a "Six Dinner Sid" (get that book!), a nomadic and very affectionate Siamese faced but heavy tom, sometimes seen amongst the outdoor stray and feral kitty contingent. We got him a collar, and hung a tag "am I owned? if so please call ..." His people called - he lives miles away. they will not keep him in. Many others called to detail their experience of sightings, feedings, and lettings in, and generally loving this great big blue-eyed purrrrrboy. So, if you must let the tabby out, please try the collar trick.