Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rambam in the trap, and thoughts for Finzi

Readers, the last post was about "R3" Finzi. Finzi was named by Anna F., who had donated some cat food to our project. Our Finzi was named after Anna's sister's kitten, who sadly went over the Rainbow Bridge just this very evening. Please send your love to little Finzi, and to Anna's family. In memory of little Finzi, Anna F. has also offered to sponsor R3-Finzi's surgery. Thank you, Anna; that is a wonderful tribute.

Tonight we trapped three cats at the "R" colony near Ellis/62/Ingleside! Here is "R6" Rambam, just trapped this evening, and awaiting his neuter surgery tomorrow. Poor old guy has a wound on his face and needs some cleaning up.

More on tonight's trapping tomorrow!

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bundeleh said...

Finzi, may the Rainbow Bridge be scattered with delicious kibbles!