Friday, March 20, 2009

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica, the best show on television, has its finale tonight. I mourn. And yet--BG lives on forever. In fact, I present to you Battlestar Galactica Cat Colony!

The colony is living in a rusty old vehicle --just like the TV Battlestar! It's run by a battle-scarred old man, Adm. Adama, pictured above.

So far we've seen four separate cats--Adm. Adama; a lovely Siamese (Pres. Roslin); a black cat (Agathon--whether Sharon or Karl is yet to be discovered), and a small fluffy tortie-type (Lt. Dualla). If you look closely at the picture with the truck (or click on it to open it much larger in a new window) you can see Pres. Roslin and Agathon. Adm. Adama is in typical mature tomcat shape (that is, rough) but the others look pretty good from what we've seen.

Of course, one of the cats may be a Cylon.


Diane H said...

Or maybe you are the Cylon -

margaret said...

Wow, those are definitely a lot of battle scars on poor Adm. Adama! Poor guy. He's tough as nails.

m said...

I like your comparison! so, is the owner of this truck friendly to the cats residing there? I hope so...

thanks for your work. just saw a sign in Harper Foods for the meeting on the 3rd, will try to make it.