Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trapping at the R Colony

Some scenes from yesterday's successful trap at the R Colony -- three caught (we had three traps). UPDATE: all males, all returning to the alley today: Ellis, Little Buddy (has never been seen without being virtually pasted to Ellis' side) and Rambam, the big mostly white guy.


margaret said...

Fantastic job!!!

RLA_Chicago said...

Rambam looks like he could be my Badcat's brother--same markings, same pretty eyes, same gigantic 'tude.

And the little word-verification doodad on this comment? Was "calici". Would that be "more than one calico"? Oddly apt!

Anonymous said...

Hehe RLA_Chicago, thats a great pick-up on the word-verification, and I think you are on to something! The kitties are watching! They say thank-you to all the wonderful hydeparkcatters that take such good care of them.