Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Diane thinks this kitty has "sad eyes," and is going to try and trap him tonight. Thanks to Anna F. for naming him (her?) "Finzi," because Diane wants to call all the cats in this area R1, R2, R3, etc. It's some sort of sciencey thing, she tells me. Finzi here is
very skittish - has been the first to eat yesterday and the day before but will run if someone comes down the alley, or a door in the apartment building closes, or if Ellis (see below) comes to eat.

This is not the kitty with "sad eyes." This kitty "was very excited about the food" and Diane thinks it's a girl. In the "black and white cat world" post below, this is the kitty with her back to us in the picture with three cats on the left side of the dumpster.

Finzi is a pregnant female (I believe).

It's hard to tell them all apart!

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Diane H said...

SORRY!! I should have double-checked the picture before talking about the cat. Finzi is very sure of (her)self and wanted that food. Nothing sad about this one.