Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Qwerty is at Treehouse; Wants Home

QWERTY HAS BEEN ACCEPTED INTO TREE HOUSE, a non-profit, no-kill foundation dedicated to stray cats.

This morning Qwerty went into Treehouse for his physical. He was immediately noted as the "most big beautiful cat ever" and a mushpot. A sweet mushpot. A mushpot who needed a home, not to be returned to the alley. And so Treehouse has found space for our Qwerty, who will now receive his medical care (torn up ear, eye infection, neutering, etc.) and embark on a journey to find a forever home.

Readers, Qwerty tested negative for the FLK virus, but positive for FIV. This makes the fact that Treehouse accepted him even more special, for FIV cats are hard to adopt out. However, in good conditions (a nice home), FIV+ cats can live contented, long lives, and Qwerty deserves this after his hard time on the street.

Treehouse has an extraordinary policy: their cats are considered part of the Tree House family for the rest of their lives. They have a special contract for FIV+ cats, to help with their care. Please see their website for more information. Qwerty is not available for adoption yet, but you can inquire about him or any of their other kitties.

Can you thank Treehouse for their excellent work and for helping us care for Hyde Park Cats? You can donate online or send a check. Please make sure you let them know you are donating for "Hyde Park Cats" (or Qwerty). The funds can't be specifically earmarked, but this will let Treehouse know how much we appreciate their help with Qwerty and with past Hyde Park Cats Lebowski (also FIV+ and available for adoption at Treehouse), Czarina, Mimi, and Lulav/Sun Pacific (available for adoption at Treehouse).


Yvette said...

This is even better news! OMG! Thank goodness!!!!

margaret said...

That is so super-fantastic!!! I am really happy and excited for Qwerty. Kudos to all Hydeparkcats folks who helped this gorgeous boy, and to Tree House!

Yvette said...

Qwerty was renamed Lewbowski, right?
Well, he was adopted!! Did you know this?