Monday, August 29, 2011

Starter cat available: Tasha

Tasha is what we call a great "starter cat" -- a perfect cat for someone who has never had a cat before. This adorable young girl was found by a caring person (thanks Tasha W.!) around 83rd and Drexel, pregnant and seeking food. Tasha spoke to Barbara A., who has been TNRing on her block with our help, and now Tasha is in fostermom Sarah's loving home. Fostermom says that "she has a very sweet, outgoing personality. She loves to be the center of attention and isn’t afraid to meow or butt her head right up against your hand to make sure you know she wants pets. She also loves lap time. She'll come up to my lap and plop down for pets." She's very energetic and loves batting around her toys; very chatty and will gladly converse with you. She’s easy to approach, friendly, outgoing, independent, sometimes silly, and sweet. She's spayed, neg/neg, and ready for her furrever home!

p.s. The shoes are available at Target.

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Anonymous said...

Starter cat...
snorttt coffff...
staaaaaaaaaaaarter cat! HAHAHAHA
Tasha you are the best!