Monday, August 15, 2011


Gretchen is a beautiful long-haired tabby, who was found living under a car in Woodlawn. She is a young adult, microchipped, spayed, and up-to-date on vaccinations and neg/neg. She is an elegant and lovely lass with possibly some Norwegian Forest Cat ancestry since she has the short legs and long low body typical of that breed. She also has tufts of fur between her very furry toes! She is affectionate and vocal and loves attention and to be petted. She gets along with other cats after an introductory period. She is a bit nervous from her time outside and flinches in fear when she is startled, so she would to be fostered or adopted in a calm household. Can you please offer this beautiful lady a home?


Anonymous said...

Hi - not sure how to reach you guys other than here, so I'll ask - do you have any reports of a lost gray-and-white striped cat in the Kenwood area in the past day or so (August 14)? There was one on my back porch this morning that I'd never seen before, without a collar, but very very healthy and not at all scared or disoriented, so may be just a neighbor's outdoor cat, but I thought I would check in case I should lure him/her in the next time she/he comes by. (HP Animal Clinic had no reports.) Pls just respond here. said...

Well sometimes cats can look fine and be very hungry, so perhaps you should try to approach the cat and see if you can pet it to see if its skinny or dehydrated under its fur, which can hide lots of problems.

If its got fleas, its probably lost or abandoned, for instance.

You could also try putting out a bit of wet catfood and some water in a set of bowls and see if its coming to eat and drink and if it looks desperately hungry and or thirsty, its probably lost.

You should try to take a photo of it as soon as you can so you can post it here and see if anyone can identify it that way. Unfortunately there are lots of abandoned and lost cats in the area and more show up every day.

Another thing you could do if you do decide to take it inside would be putting up a flyer on your block saying you found a cat and see if any of your neighbors responds.

You could also talk to some of your neighbors directly and ask if they have seen the cat around before and if they have any idea who it belongs to.

Another option if you can pick the cat up and handle it is to put it in a carrier and take it to the Hyde Park vet clinic and have it scanned for a microchip. They can also give you an idea of whether or not its been neutered or if its pregnant, and may possibly even be able to identify it by sight if its from a client of theirs.

If it looks scruffy or dirty and its fur is messed up with burrs or wounds its probably lost, cats who are lost also tend to have dirty feet as they have no home to go to get clean and no respite from being outside.

Posting its description on Craigslist and uchi marketplace would also work. said...

Also HP Cats has a FAQ on suggestions of what to do when finding friendly strays

Anna said...

Has Gretchen been adopted yet?

Meng Ning said...

She's still available!