Friday, August 12, 2011

Round up

We have many wonderful cats available for adoption!

Sitwell is cool with other cats and is still available!

Roger loves olives and is still available!

We've also had some great adoptions recently. We'll post about some of those next week. It's always wonderful to send our furry friends to their furrever homes. Adopters, we thank you.

And donors, we thank you too! Thanks Mike H., who waited patiently for us to fix the Paypal button! Thanks Olivia H. and Blair D.! Thanks Michael G. for the towels! We can use old towels to cover ferals in traps; it really calms them down. We also use old towels to line carriers for cats being transported for surgery and for cat beds (and to protect our carseats, etc.)

Also a special belated thank you to Ginny L. for her generous donation via Treehouse. You can make tax-deductible donations to our group via Treehouse.


Anonymous said...

It is always uplifting to we, the readers, to hear about all the wonderful people who support Hyde Park Cats ... and, of course, benefit the kitties.

Some readers may feel badly that they cannot volunteer time, or donate in-kind or dollars. But you can still make a big difference just by the reading, then sharing the compassion with others. A simple recommendation or word of mouth may deliver another fosterer or adopter or ... you fill in the blanks!

Veronica Wald said...

What's with the clipped ears on both Sitwell and Roger?

jtwirl said...

The clipped ears are the sign of a neutered/spayed cat. Sometimes we're not sure if we're going to return a cat outside (in which case an eartip is needed).