Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Persephone is a tiny little kitty, only about seven pounds although she's probably a year old. She was found during the heatwave (remember that?) wandering around a parking lot at 61st and Drexel. Persephone came running out from under a car growling with hunger and determination when her savior, Nancy, opened a can of catfood, and tried to gulp it all down instantaneously. But then she was overcome with heat and had to be cooled down by Nancy and Paula for half an hour before she had the energy to get up again and finish her meal. She was pregnant. Thank you Nancy and Paula for caring for this little girl and getting her inside.

She's recovered now and is very spunky--she loves to run around and play and jump. She is very sweet and even a bit timid towards her foster catsibling. Look at those gorgeous green eyes and white stockings and bib! She's been spayed, tested neg/neg for viruses, is vaxed and microchipped, and ready for her furrever home.

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