Sunday, August 21, 2011

Susanna and Ophelia

Susanna (right, more orangey)and Ophelia (left, more browny) are sweet and adorable stripey kittens! They can be adopted separately or together. Both are originally "alley cats" -- we caught Susanna outside in the Liliana colony (where we also found Evan, Frida, Shayna and Roger). She was her mom's only kitten, and then one day her mom disappeared. Susanna and Ophelia are being fostered in Kyle's loving fosterhome with other cats and dogs.

Please write in if you live around 53rd and Michigan and would be able to help us with a TNR project: Specifically we need people who could talk to residents and landlords of the area; we need to trap (we can train you); we seek overnight space in garages, bathrooms, mudrooms, etc.:

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